Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Snow White Spa Services Georgetown, IN only 20 minutes from Louisville, KY!We’ve spent hundreds of hours scouring the industry to find the perfect mix of product and equipment to best service our clients teeth whitening needs. The result was fantastic!!! Our state of the art system creates a dramatic result that not only excites our clients at the time of service, but keeps them loving their smile for up to 2 years afterwards!!! We do such a great job with our teeth whitenings, we don’t get to see our clients as often as we’d like!!

Snow White Spa Services Georgetown, IN only 20 minutes from Louisville, KY!

Customized Individual Teeth Whitening Experience

Our clients receive a customized experience that individualizes each and every client’s experience. We use a hydrogen peroxide gel in a custom silicone tray that comfortably fits our clients mouths. Please be sure to check our FAQ’s page for more information on our process!

Throughout the past 2 1/2 years, we’ve honed our skills and services to provide the absolute best Whitening system possible. Our Spa provides a Cosmetic Teeth Whitening service that gives real results! Make sure to check out our “Before and After’s” page to see some of our clients’ results.

Each client is different and reacts to our system differently. Please visit our FAQ’s page to ensure that you’re armed with the most knowledge possible to ensure the best results!

Not everyone is a good candidate for our Whitening System. Unfortunately, there are some clients that despite their desire for whiter teeth, their DNA limits the amount of shades that they can whiten. For these clients, we would highly recommend visiting your Dentist and potentially inquiring about Veneers. In addition, we are unable to whiten veneers or crowns past their original color, as they’re not a porous entity like your natural tooth.

As a “rule of thumb”, your tooth color should match the color of the whites of your eyes. Our clients typically receive this result after one whitening treatment.